This fall, the Forest Service is completing a 30-year plan that will decide how much of the Pisgah-Nantahala National forest is cut and how much is protected. Young people will be most affected by this 30-year plan, but their voices have not been included so far. Our children will be inheriting the forest and the decisions made this year.

On FRIDAY, AUGUST 17 at 9:30 a.m. at the Forest Service headquarters in Asheville, the supervisor of the U.S. Forest Service in North Carolina has agreed to meet with a group of youth. Before the meeting, kids will participate in a rally at the Forest Service headquarters, and then they will get to talk directly with the Forest Supervisor. The kids' rally and meeting will be covered by several news outlets.

You and/or your child do not need to know anything about forests or forest planning; all they need is a love of being outdoors. 

We will be encouraging the Forest Service to protect Pisgah's trails, waterfalls, old-growth forests, wildlife and endangered species, clean air, clean water, and scenic views. Friends of Big Ivy is working with a coalition of organizations to support this campaign. (If you are interested in learning more, visit or 

We will have signs, t-shirts, and stickers available for free for all kids (and grownups). You are certainly welcome and encouraged to make any other signs or stickers.

We realize that it's a weekday and may be difficult with work and other responsibilities. For parents that cannot attend, we can transport your child to and from the meeting and provide food, snacks, and anything else. In addition to several volunteer parents, a few teachers and instructors will be there to help with logistics, transportation, and supervision. 

We really hope you and/or your child can attend. It's a critical moment for the future of our forests and our region's health, and our kids could truly have an immense impact on the outcome of this forest plan.